ClearStar and RentTango Announce Partnership that Streamlines Credit and Background Checks for Residential Real Estate Leasing and Property Management

RentTango, an innovative real estate software company, announces it is now working with ClearStar to streamline the tenant screening portion of the leasing process on the RentTango rental property marketing and leasing platform. By working together, RentTango leverages ClearStar’s pioneering experience in screening technologies with a vision for future platform enhancements that mitigate risk and modernize the process.

“Enabling our RentTango platform with ClearStar’s credit and criminal background check capabilities is another step forward in simplifying the leasing and rental process for property and leasing managers,” said Jason Madlin, co-founder and CTO of RentTango.” Capitalizing on ClearStar technology, we also gain a competitive advantage with ClearStar’s flexibility, collaborative spirit, great customer support, and innovative product line that paves the way for our customers’ future growth and leasing capabilities,” continued Madlin.

“We’re delighted to partner with the RentTango team that shares our passion for high standards, compliance, and cutting-edge technologies that modernize rental leasing,” noted Chad Parodi, CEO of ClearStar. “Our partnership will empower property managers to qualify applicants directly on the RentTango platform instantly. Moreover, as the RentTango platform is by far the most flexible and customizable for leasing and marketing, we look forward to extending ClearStar value to a wider range of customers.”

RentTango takes ClearStar data and applies computational logic to provide a recommendation for approval or denial, helping landlords and property managers evaluate prospective renters quickly and efficiently. The recommendation is based on a customer’s predetermined scoring criteria that can be applied to the entire portfolio or adjusted per property. Screening results, which are organized into three categories — Financial Stability, Identity Verification and Trustworthiness — indicate a pass, fail, or maybe for each to simplify the review process. The innovative software features proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to read an applicant’s uploaded documents, look for irregularities, and flag issues to the leasing team, which helps combat fraud. Leasing teams appreciate that the software combines credit and background reports from credit bureaus (i.e., TransUnion) with the uploaded documents (i.e. income, identity, and employment verifications) in one view making it easy to evaluate each candidate.

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“RentTango streamlines the entire lead-to-lease workflow, and resident screening is certainly a critical step in the process. We are leveraging ClearStar’s technology and approach to make the process easier and provide more true hits and fewer false positives. This accuracy helps our customers reduce rental risk by making quick and confident decisions,” said Paul Zullo, co-founder and CEO of RentTango.

RentTango gives property managers a comprehensive and customizable screening technology that lowers risk and bad debt while ensuring FCRA and FHA compliance. The platform’s flexible screening software easily accommodates prevailing fair housing and leasing application laws that differ from state to state, making it ideal for owners with properties in different regions. With ClearStar technology, RentTango can now enable property managers to view and verify identities, credit reports, criminal background checks, and eviction searches — instantly from within the platform. Additional benefits derived from the partnership include:

Property and Leasing Manager Benefits

  • Customizable tenant screening services at property-level
  • Instant searches include national criminal database, sex offender registries, and special lists
  • Evictions records and credit report searches
  • Applicant invitation for screening via text or email
  • Screening recommendations for decision quick and easy
  • Customizable branded application form for each property

Resident Screening Benefits

  • Speed-to-lease with mobile technology
  • Instant results for quick decisions and processing
  • Responsive applicant services and support

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