Will changing your date of birth pass a background check 

Many people believe that if they change their date of birth, they can pass a background check. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Here’s what you need to know about changing your date of birth and background checks.

When an employer runs a background check, they will typically use the information you provide on your job application, including your date of birth. If your date of birth is different from what is on your application, the employer may think you are trying to hide something and this could disqualify you from the job.

In addition, most employers use third-party companies to run their background checks. These companies have access to public records, including birth records. So even if you change your date of birth, it’s likely that the employer will still be able to find out your true birthday.

Finally, many employers require applicants to take a polygraph test as part of the hiring process. This test includes questions about your personal history and if you lie about your date of birth, it’s likely that you will fail the polygraph test and this could disqualify you from the job. Please bear in mind that you may experience background check delay during these types of checks.


In short, changing your date of birth will not help you pass a background check. If anything, it will raise red flags for the employer and make them less likely to hire you. So if you have something in your past that you’re worried will show up on a background check, be honest about it upfront. It’s always better to be truthful than to try and hide something that will eventually be found out.

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